Lazienki Park (means “Baths”) is the place where the locals get together on week-ends for a picnic, a stroll along the basin of the Lazienki Castle or to enjoy a free Chopin concert in the shadow of the statue. The area around Lazienki Park in Warsaw includes palaces, historic buildings, museums and government departments, and is one of the poshest area in Warsaw.

On 76 hectares, the Lazienki Park is the biggest and most impressive park in the city. Personally, I felt under the charm of this extraordinary place, probably one of the most beautiful parks in Europe.

Listen to Chopin in the shadow of the statue

During the summer month, there are free Chopin Concerts organized every Sunday at 12 am and 4 pm. You can listen to pianists of worldwide renown, as well as outstanding musicians of the younger generation. It is a beautiful moment to lay down in the garden around the Chopin Statue with hundreds of other listeners and enjoy a great moment with classic music.

Visit the official site for more info about the exact concert dates.

Visit the beautiful historical Palaces

When you stroll around the park, you will come along different impressive buildings and palaces, built during distinctive historical eras.

Most parts of the park were constructed between 1774-1784, at the command of King Stanisław August Poniatowski. He was a great admirer of the arts, which is reflected in the sumptuous interiors of the main Lazienki Palace. The Palace was badly damage after WWII but reopened in 1960 and most of the monarch’s original collection has survived and can be visited.

Gradually, the gardens also changed their appearance and parts of the park were geometrically laid out in the French manner and also contained scenic areas inspired by the romantic English garden. In 1918 the Park was officially designated a public park and since then, is a famous place for concerts, arts and cultural venues.

The principal building of Łazienki is the Palace on the Isle. It was originally a baroque Bath-House erected in about 1680 by Lubomirski, the most outstanding architect in Poland at that time.

Other impressive buildings to visit are the Old Orangery, the Myślewicki Palace, the White Pavillon and the Officer Cadets School.

You will also encounter many monuments and sculptures when you stroll around the park.

Peacocks strut around the Amphitheater

When you stroll along the basin in direction of the Lazienki Palace, you come along the Amphitheather. It inspired by ancient Greek and Roman architecture,  and was embellished with 16 statues representing famous poets and thinkers of the antiquity.

During the summer month, the Amphitheater is the perfect setting for concerts, theaters and even a get together for danse classes.

You kids will be delighted by the peacocks which are performing there, mating and presenting their amazing tails.

Relax under the big Oak trees

But don’t think that you find only short cut green grass or structured english gardens. Lazienki Park is huge and you can find wilder parts where the nature is left alone. Here, you can lay out your nap and enjoy a relaxing family picnic under the large oak trees. In some parts, you might even find deck chairs free to use.

Your kids will love the many squirrels around the park. They are not very shy and eat even out of your hand. So don’t forget to buy some nuts before you visit the park.

We can recommend a visit to Lazienki Park at any season. The scenery, the colours and scents of the park changes depending on the month, the weather and the light. Even during Winter, when the park is snow covered and the paths are not cleaned yet, the park is calm and has a mystic beautiful light.

In general, you should count at least 3-4 hours for a visit and even more when you want to join an event or listen to a Chopin concert. Check out the current venues at the official Lazienki Park website.

How to get there:

When you walk the Royal Route by feet or bike, then we recommend to stop at the Lazienki Park. When you come from the center by bus, take the nr. 116.

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