Nearly one billion people are confined to homes at this moment. A situation, nobody could ever imagine a few weeks ago. During this particular period without precedent, we want to continue to tell stories about families around the globe. But this time, they don’t give tips about their home town but tells us how they handle the current situation, the homeschooling, home office with kids, about fear and hope for a changing future.

We start with Hanan who moved with her husband Reto and their twins Julian & Lynn from Zurich to Barcelona only 8 months ago. She tells us about the period of confinement with her family, how they organize their new daily life and gives us her best ideas to keep her twins busy and entertained during this particular situation.

What was your reaction when you heard the news about the confinement and how did you explain it to your kids?

To be honest, I wasn’t too surprised when the lockdown was announced. It was to be expected. We already follow the situation in Italy for days or weeks.

For my kids, the whole situation is difficult to understand although they are happy to stay at home. We had talked a lot about the Corona Virus before the lockdown and they are informed that it is transferred to people via hands or while sneezing. The most exhausting thing for us parents was to remind them of the hygiene in the metro, again and again, i.e. don’t touch this & that and don’t put your fingers in your mouth.

How is the situation today in your country?

We are a Swiss family living in Barcelona. The situation in Spain will soon be as tragic as in Italy. We have been in absolute quarantine for 10 days now. The highlight of the week is the way to the grocery store and the waste container. It is forbidden to walk, cycle, drive to the beach or in the near nature reserves (no more than one person in the car is allowed in the car).

More than ever, we appreciate having a garden. This makes the quarantine time bearable and the kids can play outside.

Working from home with kids, is it possible? How do you handle it?

Oh yes, that’s a challenge. My husband is an entrepreneur and is currently extremely busy at work. I started my own blog a few weeks ago. But since the lockdown, I hardly have the time to work on my things. It is now the 10th day at home and we still have to get used to it and find a good way to deal with the situation. I am currently spending my time almost entirely to the children and the household. It is important to us that our children can remember this strange time with some good memories.

Do you have an activity to keep your kids occupied for 1 -2 hours? Any DIY tips or movies to recommend?

We designed a weekly schedule right from the start. I try to plan activities such as arithmetic, writing letters or paint for the grand-parents. We all sit at the same table and so I can be with them and at the same time work for an hour. My children love DIY and I often give them tasks like cutting letters or numbers or making a collage.

Of course, we are not anti-media, especially if they have so much “free time”. I have discovered great apps where their imaginations are stimulated and they are busy for an hour. Our favorites are Book Creator, where you can use your iPad to create your digital book. Lingokids and LÜK are great apps for learning English in a fun way.

But I also enjoy the moments when we can simply bake or cook together without time pressure. The quarantine time allows us to spend more time together which is finally a beautiful thing in this horrible moment.

Any Instagram Accounts to follow right now?

Ohh, there are many. But to be honest, I try to spend as little time as possible on social media in this quarantine time.

Do you think this situation will change the world permanently and how?

Good question. I am sure that the world will never be the same as it was before the Corona crisis. I believe that these restrictions will accompany us for a while in our daily life, in our freedom.

I can’t currently imagine that in Summer, we can just fly around the world, enjoy the sea or the lake again as nothing happened. This crisis will last longer and it is difficult to say in what form our world will change. But I could imagine that people will work more from home, fly less and spend more time with the family and loved ones.



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