“On the beach, eyes closed, under the caress of the sun, as we remember well. As one slips magically into the memory. In this happiness.”

– Marie Sizun 

Everyone deserves a vacation in the sun. Heavenly beaches, postcard-worthy scenery, aqua waters…Mauritius has everything a dream destination could hope for.

From the remains of its colonial past to its sugar cane fields, the island now also offers water sports and breathtaking hikes topped with delicious smells.

Between snorkeling and swimming with dolphins, children will have something to enjoy and to fill their dreams for a long time to come. Catamaran rides, ultralight flights and swimming under a waterfall will never fail to enthrall them! Mauritius can also be explored via its luxurious nature and its traditional villages. At La Vanille park, you can visit the world’s largest giant turtle farm along with its zoo, where you can walk around turtles, crocodiles and monkeys. The bravest souls will not want to miss an unforgettable hike on the Piton de la Fournaise…before relaxing while strolling through the exotic scents of the botanical Pamplemousse garden or during a horse race at Champ-de-Mars.

Be sure to taste one of the best rums in the world, and your children can keep up to you with aloudas, which are delicious iced milk-based drinks. The local cuisine in addition to the very popular street food offers many delights for your taste buds: chili pepper cakes, dholl puris, briani, fried noodles and colorful Neapolitan or delicious coconut candies as a dessert. Mauritius has plenty to satisfy the entire family!

The best family-friendly beaches in Mauritius

The best family-friendly beaches in Mauritius

Mauritius provides not only spectacular lagoons but also calm water conditions, ideal for swimming and snorkeling as the island is surrounded by several coral reefs. Whether traveling with a baby, young children or teens, it seems that Mauritius can fulfill all the desires of families in search of sun, beach and beautiful memories.