The Montserrat mountain range, an essential symbol of Catalan culture, is one of the treasures to be discovered during a family trip to Barcelona. It is located near Barcelona at only 60 kilometers and accessible by several routes.  It is difficult not to be seduced by the beauty of its landscapes and the range of activities it offers to its visitors. Take a closer look at all you need to know for your day trip to Montserrat.

Montserrat is a massif that has existed for nearly 50 million. A visit to this remarkable site with its peaks in the form of teeth or fingers makes it possible to learn more about Catalan culture. With the presence of a monastery with the same name, this mountain is a high place of religion and spiritualism and worth a visit when you stay in Barcelona for a couple of days.

What to do in Montserrat?

There is a multitude of activities you can do during your family trip on Montserrat. In addition to the many climbing and hiking opportunities, the place is perfect for a day in the mountains with your children. The site has an impressive number of hiking tracks that will delight young and old. During your walk in this beautiful environment, you will have a magnificent views on the Catalonian landscape and the Monastery and Abbey of Montserrat.

The room of the Virgin and the Basilica are essential places to discover during this visit of the Monastery. The abbey was built in the heart of this mountain and houses a large museum with over 1300 pieces of art mainly Impressionism, Catalan and Spanish art of the nineteenth and twentieth century, ancient painting or archeology. What better than mix a hiking day with a some culture.

How to get to Montserrat?

For your excursion to Montserrat, you have the choice between different ways of transport. The access to the mountain massif is very easy and conveniently by car. From Barcelona, ​​you take the  A2 motorway which takes you directly to the Montserrat massif in about one hour. You can even drive up to the Monastery and park there. But the Car park capacity is limited. We suggest to go up to the sanctuary either by the rack railway or the cable car and park your car at the station. The train is also a good and easy way to go to Montserrat. Opt for the R50 line or the R5 line from Plaça Espanya. Once your arrive at the train stations, you can reach the Montserrat by the rack railway or the cable car. Choose this option if you want to contemplate the treasures of the beautiful surrounding nature.

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