«We are from our childhood as we are from a country.»

Antoine de Saint Exupéry

If there is a travel destination that kids will never forget, it’s probably Morocco ……..

Land of welcome, sharing place where everything is simply emotion !

No particular concept, just a deep breath in a country with thousand facets, far from our busy life … Yes, from Tangier to Marakech, from the Atlas to the beaches of Essaouira, in the souks and medinas, until Fès treasures, the meetings and the smiles are on every street corner … and that’s the real wealth.

For children it is the confrontation and the founding initiation of the simple, the authentic which awaits them, unforgettable activities. Such as when they will spend a night in a Berber tent, or when they will stand there open-mouthed lying on sand, admirating a magic spectacle of stars , soothed by the silence, or later amused by a funny camel ride …. In  the souks they will very often be initiated spontaneously to the craft industry: trying pottery, leather work etc …..), therefore they will understand the freedom and the satisfaction of creating something real with their hands ! They will discover thousand essences and spices whose perfumes will impress their memory forever.

This family trip will not leave anyone indifferent, everything is sweet over there, even in the food that will delight the taste buds : couscous of all kinds, colorful tajines, meats skewers, without forgetting pastries with almonds, pine nuts, pistachios, honey ….

You still hesitate …… Morocco opens its arms to you, factory of souvenirs for your children …. and for you too…… it is just necessary to open your heart !

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